Workforce Development

The University of Connecticut (UConn) and the University of Rhode Island (URI) are major public universities that, in addition to conducting extensive research for the Navy, contribute hundreds of graduates to the Navy and naval industries. As of 2017, UConn and URI have approximately 1400 active alumni working at Electric Boat (EB) and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) in Newport, Rhode Island, annually provide approximately 125 engineers and 75 interns to EB. Naval science and technology workforce development opportunities for engineers are being made available by NIUVT to meet the naval workforce demands of Southeast New England and the Navy.

Workforce Development Opportunities

NIUVT provides a range of opportunities to educate and train engineers for the naval workforce: from offering a minor for undergraduate engineering students as part of the Southeast New England Naval STEM Coalition designed to train students in naval technologies and to transition them to naval careers; to facilitating opportunities for current employees at EB and supply chain companies to pursue a M.S. or Ph.D. in areas directly applicable to their work. Please click on the links below to view more details about these rewarding education opportunities.

  • Recognizing the region’s need to scale up the naval science and engineering workforce, UConn and URI have teamed up to create a major regional workforce initiative directed to undergraduate engineering students. The Southeast New England Naval STEM Coalition leverages resources at the two campuses and draws on industry and navy partners to deliver naval-relevant training.This Undergraduate Navy Crew will receive mentoring by Navy professionals and naval industry engineers, be exposed to the naval industry through a three semester seminar course, and conduct meaningful work in a year-long Senior Design Project at the direction of navel industries.

    Each semester since Spring 2018, The UConn/URI collaborative Naval Science & Technology STEM program has hosted a weekly seminar series. The program seeks to engage undergraduate engineering students in naval related activities throughout their academic programs and spark their interest in pursuing naval related careers. Speakers from a wide variety of companies have shared details of their technical expertise, reflected on their personal career paths and provided information about career opportunities within their organization. Click here to see the Fall 2020 Seminar Schedule. 

  • Each year, senior design projects at UConn and URI can be sponsored by the Navy and naval industry to address a real-world technical or design challenge. The year-long projects are required of all engineering seniors at both UConn and URI, and teams of 2-4 seniors are mentored by university professors and by professionals from the sponsor organizations.
  • The NIUVT Scholars Program is intended to provide a viable mechanism for talented engineers in Navy-related industries to conduct Masters and Doctorial studies at the University of Connecticut and University of Rhode Island. The NIUVT Scholars Program provides specific and unique opportunities for engineers working part time at Navy-related industries to engage as students and research assistants in meaningful and targeted research activities leading to MS thesis and PhD dissertations. This program is significantly different than any course-based graduate degree in that it requires the employee/student to fully engage in research activities under the direct mentorship of faculty members who are leaders in their fields of study and to utilize computational and experimental resources available at UConn and URI.

    Click here to learn more about the NIUVT Scholars program.

  • The NIUVT Fellowship is a development opportunity for organizations in this geographically close and technologically overlapping undersea technology ecosystem to deliberately develop mid-career professionals on a path to senior leadership positions. The fellowship is a 6-month experience for applicants from academia, government, and industry to rotate into a different sector and work inside a different organization while participating with the cohort of fellows in monthly networking and broadening experiences. The ecosystem is geographically small enough that we can provide this opportunity without relocating people and do it at no cost to participants or organizations involved. Applicants must have the support of their leadership to apply.

    As a group, fellows will visit with the strategic leadership of every participating organization in addition to a few others. They will also participate in ongoing NIUVT activities and research throughout the course of the fellowship. This fellowship is an opportunity to mix the ecosystem, create stronger networks, and bring perspectives from government, academia, and industry directly into organizations and opposing sectors. After six months, fellows return to their employer with a different perspective, a stronger network, and reinvigorated to tackle the challenges of the undersea vehicle technology community. Not only will the fellow benefit, but each organization taking in a fellow with a different perspective will stand to benefit from their different experience, perspective, and network as well.

    You can click here to learn more and apply for the NIUVT fellowship.

  • NIUVT researchers are continuously engaged in research funded by the Navy. Whether it be new projects looking for qualified graduate students, or existing projects entering a new phase and requiring additional student researchers, there are many opportunities within NIUVT for highly qualified students to receive stipend and tuition benefits toward getting a M.S. or Ph.D on a Navy-related topic. Contact Erik Brine, NIUVT Executive Director, if you are interested in a Graduate Research Assistantship with NIUVT.

  • The National Security Internship Program (NSIP) is an internship program URI has provided to General Dynamics Electric Boat and NUWC over the past 35 years. Industry participants contract with NIUVT through either UConn or URI for a specific number of interns across any number of technical fields such as cybersecurity, marine hydrodynamics, and many others. NIUVT and university staff will recruit and hire students who meet predetermined qualifications set by the employer, process security clearances, and provide payroll services. NIUVT is actively seeking new industry members to participate in the Summer 2021 NSIP.

    Click here to learn more about the internship program and how to get involved.

Southeast New England Naval STEM Coalition

Two undergraduate students from URI's Department of Ocean Engineering test a small remotely operated underwater vehicle on board the Research Vessel Endeavor. Research experiences like this one are offered to students participating in the Naval STEM Coalition, which prepares students to transition to naval careers after graduation.

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UConn-URI Navy STEM Program Seminar Series

For the Fall 2020 semester, seminars will be fully online. One advantage of this format is thtat we are no longer restricted to local speakers. The Fall program includes speakers from Crane, Indiana and Stennis Space CEnter, Mississippi. Other seminars feature distinguished speakers from organizations including CMT Materials, Navatek, the US Coast Guard, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, General Dynamics Electric Boat, and the Undersea Warfare Development Center. Over 50 students are already enrolled. Seminars are open to the public and industry partners are encouraged to attend. Click here to view the Fall 2020 semester seminar series schedule. For more information, please contact one of the Navy STEM Program Administrators: Stephanie Wanne (UConn) or Krystal Hazard (URI). The full seminar series schedule is below: