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About Us

The National Institute for Undersea Vehicle Technology (NIUVT) is a partnership between the University of Connecticut (UConn), University of Rhode Island (URI) and General Dynamics Electric Boat (EB) to enhance performance and reduce costs of the shipbuilding process while ensuring that advanced technologies are implemented into the next generation and next platform of undersea vehicles. NIUVT builds upon the experience and expertise of EB, UConn and URI to engage in research, technology transition, and workforce development. Through these activities, NIUVT will develop the personnel and knowledge needed to accelerate critical research and enhance U.S. superiority in submarine and other undersea vehicle technologies.

Our Mission

NIUVT is focused on institutionalizing the numerous research, technology transfer and workforce development activities in undersea vehicle technology that UConn, URI and EB have been pursuing for years, by:

  1. Conducting basic and applied RESEARCH on undersea vehicle technologies of strategic importance to the Navy through collaborative partnerships between the universities and industry;
  2. Accelerating and facilitating TECHNOLOGY TRANSITION by ensuring relevant research can be more easily pulled into the shipbuilding industries; and
  3. Supporting the WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT of a technically competent and innovative next generation workforce through Navy-focused undergraduate STEM education and opportunities for engineers to obtain advanced degrees related to their work.

Our Region

The NIUVT is located in close proximity to the naval submarine base in Groton, Connecticut, as well as to Electric Boat’s facilities in Connecticut and Rhode Island, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, the Naval War College, and approximately 600 naval supply chain companies. The NIUVT will leverage these major naval resources to enhance performance, introduce new technologies, and reduce costs associated with the design and construction of the next generation and next platform of undersea vehicles.

Contact Us

Please contact NIUVT with any questions you may have by reaching out via email to