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University of Connecticut Offering Oceanographic Science & Technology Certificate

This advanced graduate certificate is designed to train engineers and environmental scientists in Oceanographic Science & Technology. The overall focus is on the environmental factors, design challenges, and corresponding analysis with direct applications to the growing fields of marine technology, ocean engineering, and marine renewable energy. Four courses are included in the certificate curriculum, two in marine sciences and two in engineering. This is a partnership between the School of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Marine Sciences Department.

The certificate concentration is designed to pair well with the schedules of working professionals. Students complete a 12-credit set of online courses in Marine Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering. These courses build competency in ocean fluid dynamics, oceanographic data analysis, underwater acoustics, and underwater sensing systems analysis and design.

Students completing the certificate will be able to:

  • Understand the scientific programming and statistical, frequency, spatial, and dynamic analysis in an oceanographic context
  • Understand the sound and acoustic applications in the ocean
  • Describe factors affecting sound propagation in the ocean, simulate beam patterns, implement signal processing modules, and determine sonar detection ranges
  • Describe the parameters affecting underwater system performance, master techniques to analyze sensing systems, simulate effects of changing design parameters, and design an underwater system to meet specifications.

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