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UConn Student John Henry Breen Attends NASEC 2021

NASEC John Henry Breen

JANUARY 31, 2022 | The 10th Annual Naval Academy Science and Engineering Conference (NASEC) was hosted in-person to discuss topics around data science. The conference provides a forum to bring together the nation’s future Navy and Marine Corps officers with their peers from other colleges and universities across the country. Attendees engage in discussion and research on some of the key scientific and technical challenges facing the nation. This annual conference brings policy makers and science advisors together with university faculty and students to discuss significant science and engineering challenges.

“I had an incredible experience at NASEC 2021,” says Breen. “I was able to meet students from across the country and talk about the capstone projects they have been working on as well as talk to the Midshipmen and learn what it is like to be a student at the Naval Academy. There were many distinguished speakers who spoke on various topics regarding data science and AI. Ethics in AI was a focal point of the conference which was of interest to me because it brought about a perspective that I had never had before.”

“My favorite parts of the conference were the tour of the Naval Academy Museum, dining in Bancroft Hall with all of the Midshipmen, and listening to General John W. Raymond of the United States Space Force.”