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  1. Global access to technology that has threatened U.S. supremacy in the undersea warfare
  2. The accelerated rate of technology development and implementation that challenges current Department of Defense research and development cycles
  3. The “Valley of Death” that slows or halts the transition of innovative technologies developed by the research and development community into major acquisition programs
  4. The unyielding pressure of program affordability in the Department of Defense that drives the need for efficient, high-impact initiatives.


The Institute addresses these three critical areas – 1) Basic and applied research and development 2) Accelerated technology transition 3) Development of next generation workforce. Then we can say in this same section somewhere – The Institute meets priority needs of the submarine and undersea vehicle communities by accelerating the development and transition of enabling technologies. It advances and streamlines the design and manufacturing of submarines and undersea vehicles, and helps bring new and enabling capabilities to the next generation U.S. undersea fleet. The Institute provides innovative foundational technologies that can be rapidly transitioned to major acquisition programs, and also provides specially trained graduates who have the unique capabilities and requirements to sustain U.S. undersea dominance.


The Navy has submarine programs in various phases of concept formulation or design. Each program benefits in different ways from the Institute activities. The Institute ensures the technological superiority and future affordability of these submarine and undersea vehicle programs.