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Featured Alumni: Dr. Stephen Turner, NUWC

Stephen Turner NUWC

DECEMBER 29, 2021 |Dr. Stephen Turner graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering. Studying under Professor Mohammad Faghri, Dr. Turner’s Ph.D research focused on experimental measurements of fluid flow and convection heat transfer for gas flow through microchannels.

“While I pursued my Ph.D at URI, I also initiated an experimental investigation of underwater implosion of metal cylinders at NUWC,” said Dr. Turner. “The objective of this project was to see if I could successfully measure the pressure pulse in water near the imploding cylinder to get a sense of the magnitude. There was strong interest in the results, which led to an ONR basic research project to continue experiments and to develop a computational physics-based model to predict the experimental measurements. I really enjoyed the multi-disciplinary nature of this project, bringing together fluid mechanics and structural mechanics in both experimental and computational work.”

Currently, Dr. Turner works at NUWC Division Newport. “During the first 23 years of my career at NUWC, I focused on basic and applied research related to torpedo fuel combustion, underwater implosion, and the influence of underwater explosion shock waves on marine mammal lungs. I currently work on a future submarine program, developing R&D plans for weapon launching systems. My career goal is to combine my S&T experience and submarine force exposure to develop and manage RDT&E programs which transition into Navy capability.”