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Featured Industry Partner: Dive Technologies

Bill Lebo CEO Dive Technologies

DECEMBER 29, 2021 | Bill Lebo, President and CEO of Dive Technologies, first learned about NIUVT in 2018 through their engagements with URI and NUWC Division Newport. “We were fortunate enough to get involved with NIUVT in the very early days of forming Dive Technologies,” said Lebo.

“This initial engagement, and the numerous connections that were made to local academic institutions, groups within the US Navy, and a diverse group of industry partners, have helped Dive Technologies establish a solid footprint and a large network across coastal New England.,” continued Lebo. “We approached our involvement with NIUVT as a way to broaden our exposure to a wider customer set, like-minded partners, and a hiring pipeline for motivated, maritime-focused personnel.”

Dive Technologies is focused on the development and manufacturing of the next generation of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), vehicles with extended range, advanced autonomy, and large payload capacity. “Being able to tap into the NIUVT network has been instrumental to our success,” explained Lebo. “As a platform manufacturer and systems integrator, we are constantly seeking the best technology to advance our systems and offer the most compelling solutions to our commercial and Navy customers. Being involved with NIUVT has introduced us to a community of undersea vehicle technology experts and researchers with the same goal in mind: solving the hard undersea problems.”