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Featured Faculty Member: Dr. Arijit Bose, URI

Dr Arijit Bose URI

DECEMBER 29, 2021 | Dr. Arijit Bose, Distinguished Engineering Professor of Chemical Engineering, currently serves as the faculty leader for NIUVT’s Underwater Energy Systems research team. “It’s a great opportunity to address some very fundamental issues in science and technology with applications in a very important area,” said Dr. Bose.

Dr. Bose’s NIUVT research focuses on addressing energy storage issues in underwater vehicles. “In particular, we are trying to develop safe, stable, high capacity lithium ion batteries to power unmanned underwater vehicles over much increased distances than currently possible,” explained Dr. Bose. “All unmanned vehicles need power for propulsion, on board sensors, and data transmission. It is important to provide safe and durable power sources so these vehicles can operate at optimum capability.”

Dr. Bose believes there are numerous opportunities for students who graduate from his lab. “The battery area is very active right now, partly because of the major interest in moving to electric vehicles. Students with an energy storage background will have no trouble getting employment in the private sector or in the government.”