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Featured Faculty Member: Dr. Lexi Hain, UConn

Dr. Lexi Hain - UConn

JANUARY 31, 2022 | Dr. Alexandra Hain, Assistant Research Professor in Structural Engineering at the University of Connecticut, expanded her knowledge of NIUVT through her involvement as a research scientist on a current NIUVT research project. “It is very impactful to work on projects that could make a lasting impact on the defense industry,” said Dr. Hain. “It also makes me consider different applications for my research.”

Dr. Hain’s research focuses on large-scale structural testing and corrosion damage evaluation. “I hope that my research can be the first step in improving current practices,” explained Dr. Hain. “Whether that is by including stakeholders in the research process to ensure the findings are applicable to practice, or doing preliminary work that can be the jumping off point for other engineers and researchers.”

Beyond her structural engineering work, Dr. Hain also leads UConn’s efforts in administering the Navy STEM Coalition to establish a long-term STEM pipeline program in Southeast New England. The program will engage STEM talent K-12 through graduate school in innovative naval-focused activities and hands-on projects through participation from the regional Navy community to provide early and frequent interaction and, ultimately, retention of students from this community.