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Section: Success Story

Erik Brine Makes Waves at National Institute for Undersea Vehicle Technology

February 25 2020 | Article originally published in UConn Today by Jessica McBride, Office of the Vice President for Research. As an Air Force pilot for over two decades, Erik Brine has served his country from thousands of feet in the air. Now Brine is focused on research and development activities to safeguard our national defense […]

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MURI: Tracking, Diagnosing, and Impeding Dielectric Breakdown in Polymers

A multi-university team of researchers led by Prof. Rampi Ramprisad of UConn was recently awarded a $7.5M MURI research grant from the DoD. The program investigates how insulating materials exposed to very high electric fields break down. “This program is about understanding how insulators behave when exposed to high electric fields,” said Ramprasad, professor of […]

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Southeast New England Naval STEM Coalition

Recognizing the region’s need to scale up the naval science and engineering workforce, URI and UConn teamed up to create a major regional workforce initiative directed to undergraduates. The Southeast New England Naval STEM Coalition leverages resources at the two campuses and draws on industry and navy partners to deliver naval-relevant training. The Navy STEM […]

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