NIUVT Fellowship Program


The NIUVT Fellowship is a development opportunity for organizations in this geographically close and technologically overlapping undersea technology ecosystem to deliberately develop mid-career professionals on a path to senior leadership positions. The fellowship is a 6-month experience for applicants from academia, government, and industry to rotate into a different sector and work inside a different organization while participating with the cohort of fellows in monthly networking and broadening experiences. The ecosystem is geographically small enough that we can have this opportunity without relocating people and do it at no cost to participants or organizations involved. We are currently recruiting host organizations and applicants for the summer of 2021.  Applicants must have the support of their leadership to apply.

As a group, fellows will visit with the strategic leadership of every participating organization in addition to a few others. They will also participate in ongoing NIUVT activities and research throughout the course of the fellowship. This fellowship is an opportunity to mix the ecosystem, create stronger networks, and bring perspectives from government, academia, and industry directly into organizations and opposing sectors. After six months, fellows return to their employer with a different perspective, a stronger network, and reinvigorated to tackle the challenges of the undersea vehicle technology community. Not only will the fellow benefit, but each organization taking in a fellow with a different perspective will stand to benefit from their different experience, perspective, and network as well.


Participating organizations commit to supporting their applicant by maintaining their pay and benefits for the period of 6 months while they work at another organization in a different sector (government, academia, industry). Additionally, each organization agrees to take on an NIUVT Fellow for the same 6-month period, at no cost, and agrees to provide them a broadening experience inside their organization that leverages their background and experience. Fellows may be used in a position that leverages their particular technical skillset or puts them in a position that exposes them to the strategic operations of an organization. Organizations will have the opportunity to interview, and approve or decline, the incoming fellow who is recommended to be placed at their organization. Fellows will also have the opportunity to accept or decline their placement.


Competitive applicants should be U.S. Persons who have at least 10 years of professional experience and a master’s degree or commensurate experience.


All applicants must submit a complete application through NIUVT’s online application system by May 15, 2021.

The complete application consists of the following documents

  • Application from NIUVT’s online application system
  • Statement of Interest (no more than one page, completed by the applicant)
  • Nomination Letter (completed by the applicant’s employer)
    • This letter must explicitly state the organization’s approval and support of the applicant’s participation in the Fellowship program.
  • Resume
  • 1-3 letters of recommendation.