National Security Internship Program

Seeking Industry Participation

NIUVT is seeking industry members to participate in the Summer 2021 National Security Internship Program for students with security clearances, which URI has previously provided for General Dynamics Electric Boat and NUWC over the past 35 years.

To participate, industry partners will enter into a contract with NIUVT through either UConn or URI for a defined number of students to hold Secret-level internship positions in technical fields such as cybersecurity, marine hydrodynamics, systems engineering, and many others. NIUVT and university staff will advertise for and recruit applicants from a variety of universities, screen and interview prospective candidates, select students for the positions based on predetermined industry partner requirements, process security clearances, and provide payroll services as negotiated in the overarching university-company contract.

This internship opportunity provides wonderful benefits to industry partners and student participants alike. It allows students to have a more in-depth work experience with companies that could be future employers and makes them significantly more marketable upon graduation. For industry partners, this saves time and resources by vetting interns long before they become potential employees and ensures those valuable experiences only go to those the company may wish to offer employment to in the future. NIUVT facilitates intern-employer communication and provides convenience for industry partners by alleviating company staff and time constraints.  It’s also easier for us to track down the students with the right backgrounds given our role at the universities.

To Get Involved

For more information and to get involved with the industry program, contact Dr. David Taggart or Krystal Hazard.